How Long Can I Drive on a Spare Tire?

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How long can you drive on a spare tire? Spare tires should be replaced as soon as possible, but the mileage they can go before being replaced depends on the type of tire. A small space-saver tire can get you about 70 miles at most, while full size tires can last longer. Learn more about how long you can drive on a spare and your spare tire options with the Audi Beverly Hills tire center.

Spare Space-Saver Tire

If you find yourself with a flat in West Hollywood and notice that your replacement tire is smaller than the rest, then you have a space-saver spare tire. Also sometimes called a "donut" spare tire, space-saver spares are included with numerous vehicles and have the most restrictions. If you're asking yourself, "How long can I drive on a spare tire," or "How fast can I go on a spare tire,"-- consider the following:

  • Spares tires have a maximum speed of 50 mph
  • Spare tires shouldn't be driven for more than 70 miles
  • You'll have less traction than with a full-size spare

Any additional restrictions for driving on a donut that apply to your tire will be listed on the side of your tire. Either way, you'll want to visit the Beverly Hills Audi service center to get a new tire installed.

Full-Size Spare

Full-size spares aren't as common, but can be found included with some SUVs and trucks. While this tire can last longer than a space-saver, full-size spares still need to be replaced as soon as possible. That's because the wear on the new tire won't match the rest of your tires, and that can impact handling. It's also likely not the same brand and quality as your other tires and may not provide the same traction and performance. It's unlikely that it's the same brand as your other tires, and that can cause poor traction and handling.

Run-Flat Tires

Like the name implies, run-flat tires can be used even when punctured. However, it's important to keep in mind that while run-flat tires are tougher than other spares, they still need to be replaced asap, as they will only remain inflated for about 50-miles after a puncture. If you have run-flat tires and your tire pressure monitor shows that it's running low, stop the vehicle and inspect your tires.

When it comes to cost, run-flat tires can have a higher price tag than other types of spares. View our parts specials to explore new tire offers for your spare tire replacement.

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