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Drive an Audi around Beverly Hills, and you’ll instantly notice the smooth power delivery and impressive responsiveness that the transmission offers. Your Audi has been engineered to get you excited about your drives, so it’s important that you schedule regular service appointments with our team. When you visit our service center, we’ll ensure that all of its components are in working order, including the transmission.

But why should you come to us for an Audi transmission service in L.A.? Our friendly and informative staff of skilled technicians can complete transmission service efficiently and to your satisfaction, so you won’t have to wait long to get back onto the Los Angeles roads. Stop by today at Audi Beverly Hills Service to get your transmission serviced.



Audi Transmission Service in L.A. – FAQs

In the simple sense, your transmission simply directs power from your vehicle’s engine to your wheels. With such an important role, you’ll want to ensure your transmission is properly working so you can take on every adventure with confidence.

Fortunately, our service professionals are ready to help you maintain your transmission so it won’t let you down. Before visiting us for a transmission service, take a look at some common questions we get about Audi transmission services in L.A.:

1. Why is it Important to Have My Transmission Fluid Changed?

Whether you’re regularly driving in West Hollywood or Culver City, there’s a good chance you’re encountering heavy traffic. That heavy traffic typically means your transmission is constantly shifting gears to adjust for your speed. The constant shifting of gears often puts some wear and tear on your transmission, and as a result, you’ll want to replace your transmission fluid to ensure your transmission can keep up with the constant gear changes. It’s important to replace your transmission fluid if you want your vehicle to:

  • Have responsive gear changes
  • Shift between gears smoothly
  • Deliver reliable performance
  • Easily deliver trouble-free engine power

2. When Should You Replace Your Transmission Fluid?

We suggest you reference your owner’s manual for details on when you need to schedule an Audi transmission service in L.A. The service intervals for many vehicles can depend on several factors, including driving habits and your vehicle’s transmission. Generally, the average mileage to service a transmission is around 100,000 miles on vehicles with an automatic transmission.

You can likely go that long without a transmission service if you’re regularly driving on the highway at a constant speed for most of your vehicle’s lifetime. However, regular driving in stop-and-go traffic or even heavy usage such as towing or driving at a track could mean you’ll need to replace your transmission fluid more often. Here are some signs you may need to have your transmission fluid replaced:

  • Clunky gear shifts

  • Whining/grinding noises

  • Reduced transmission response

  • Fluid leaking from transmission

  • Burning fluid smell

  • Illuminated dashboard light

Schedule Your Audi Transmission Service at Audi Beverly Hills Service

If you’re in need of transmission fluid service for your Audi or you want to have a checkup performed, contact our Los Angeles service center today. We’re ready to help you keep your Audi running smoothly and ensure your transmission is in working order at Audi Beverly Hills Service.


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