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Your Audi’s transmission directs power from the engine to your wheels. It also allows you to shift from one gear to another, and back again, smoothly. You’ve heard stories of transmission repairs costing large sums of money and time without a vehicle. That’s why having your Audi’s transmission regularly serviced at the Audi Beverly Hills service center in Los Angeles is the right choice for you to make in order to keep you moving through the streets of West Hollywood.

Our service professionals stand out from other transmission repair shops thanks to our superior customer service and dedication to excellence. Savvy Audi drivers often ask us why it’s important to have their transmission fluid changed, when they should have their transmission fluid replaced, and why they should have their transmission serviced at a certified Audi service center. Let’s jump into these answers! 

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Why is it Important to Have My Transmission Fluid Changed?

If you regularly drive in Southern California, then you’ve probably experienced bumper-to-bumper traffic on the I5 south or the I10 east. Probably both. Glacial traffic is a big inconvenience for many drivers, but it also takes a toll on your Audi’s transmission system. Persistent stop-and-go traffic causes your engine to shift gears repeatedly to adjust for your fluctuating speed. This causes your transmission fluid to break down sooner than it would if your transmission shifted gears less often. Because of this, you’ll want to have your transmission fluid changed more frequently than what your Audi maintenance manual suggests. Here are a few other reasons to have your transmission fluid changed at the Audi Beverly Hills service center in Los Angeles: 

  • Responsive gear changes
  • Smooth gear shifts
  • Optimal Audi transmission performance
  • Unleash Audi’s engine power

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When Should You Replace Your Transmission Fluid?

Reference your owner’s manual to learn when you should schedule Audi transmission service in Los Angeles, CA. Generally, the average mileage to service a transmission is around 100,000 miles on vehicles with an automatic transmission. Certain factors will affect your transmission fluid’s efficacy and lifespan. Again, you may need to replace your transmission fluid sooner, especially if you drive your Audi a lot or if you frequently shift gears in bad traffic.

If your vehicle isn’t quite near the 100,000-mile mark and you’re lucky enough to have avoided all LA traffic jams, then you may be able to put off having your transmission fluid replaced (we’d also like you to pick a few lottery numbers). But if you’re like us, you won’t wait until the last second to have your transmission fluid replaced. If you’re unsure, here are a few signs you may need to have your transmission fluid replaced at the Audi Beverly Hills service center in Los Angeles:

  • Clunky gear shifts
  • Whining/grinding noises
  • Reduced transmission response
  • Fluid leaking from transmission
  • Burning fluid smells
  • Illuminated dashboard light

Why Get Your Audi Transmission Serviced at a Certified Audi Service Center?

There are plenty of after-market transmission repair shops in Los Angeles County. We’re sure they are genuine honest hardworking mechanics who have your best interests at heart. You may have to ask one of the mechanics if they are qualified to work on your Audi’s transmission. You’re right to wonder if a mechanic is certified by Audi to repair your transmission before you put your trusted vehicle in their hands. At Audi Beverly Hills, you can forgo these worries because every service technician who repairs your Audi is an Audi certified technician.

We’re confident in our ability to exceed prior service experiences you’ve had. There are plenty of advantages to working with our Audi service center when your transmission requires service, but a few exceptional perks of coming to our Audi service department in Los Angeles include:

  • Our technicians are highly trained to work on Audi vehicles
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