How To: Audi Road Trips

November 1st, 2021 by

It’s already that time of year again to prep for your holiday road trip! Load the luggage, pack the snacks and check off these 4 how-tos for road trips in your Audi!



  1. Audi 24-Hour Roadside Assistance – Save Audi 24-Hour Roadside Assistance to your contacts! They offer emergency roadside services.
  2. Memory Seating – Road trips are easier when you save your preferred seating position ahead of time!
  3. Music – Music is essential to the success of a road trip – set up Apple CarPlay® or Android Auto™.
  4. Audi Accessories – Whether you need to order an Audi travel accessory or the perfect Audi tumblr, Audi Beverly Hills offers it all!


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