Why Pick OEM Audi Parts & Accessories?

February 10th, 2021 by

Updated September 2023. Your Audi Beverly Hills Service Team recommends OEM Audi parts and accessories. Learn why below! 

OEM vs. Aftermarket  


  1. OEM Audi Parts & Accessories – For an Audi part or accessory to earn the label of “genuine,” it must be engineered under the strict specifications and guidelines put in place by Audi as well as gone through rigorous testing to verify its durability.  Plus, each part and accessory is backed by the Audi Parts Limited Warranty. 

  3. Aftermarket Parts & Accessories –  Yes, they may come at a lower cost; however, you will not receive the same level of precision, quality and performance found with genuine Audi parts and accessories. Additionally, they are not capable of handling the advanced systems of your Audi.


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Audi Parts Limited Warranty

When you choose Audi original parts and accessories, you choose peace of mind. Each part is backed by the Audi Parts Limited Warranty*, which is coverage for 1 year or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first. 

Find OEM Audi Parts & Accessories In Los Angeles County! 

At Audi Service Center LA, we are committed to offering the best ways to shop like ordering online, offering current specials, or checking out popular Audi accessories. How can our Team assist you today? Contact us today. 

*Excludes tires and batteries. 

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