Meet Henry Romero, Shop Foreman for Audi Beverly Hills Service Center

May 1st, 2023 by

In the next installment of our Employee Spotlight Series, we are highlighting Henry Romero, Shop Foreman for Audi Beverly Hills Service Center and a Fletcher Jones Team Member for 9 years. Henry’s promotion to shop foreman and his journey with us has us celebrating! Check out his story below.

Journey to Audi Service LA

Henry’s career in the automotive industry started as a porter. He shares, “I had been interested in cars since I could remember, and I applied for the position right out of school.” While getting his feet wet in the industry, he also continued his studies at community college for three years and accepted a sponsorship from a dealer to shift his focus solely to specific-industry training. He says, “The technician program was difficult but it set me up for successes I have had throughout the years.”

After successfully completing the training program, Henry spent 5 years at a Chrysler dealership but he knew “I wanted to be on the top, working with Audi vehicles.” He headed to another Audi dealership for 5 years, gaining countless hours of experience before joining the Audi Beverly Hills Team 1 year after our opening in 2013. He started with us as a service technician, before moving to team lead, and now succeeds Omar Solis as Shop Foreman. He shares, “Omar Solis, Service Manager, and Enayat Sharaf, Fixed Operations Director, were both instrumental in moving my career forward. They listened to what I wanted out of my career.” Henry looks forward to serving the Los Angeles community for all their Audi needs as Shop Foreman.

Why Fletcher Jones?

“Fletcher Jones is a known brand, and they take care of their team members.” Join our team today! We offer a strong benefits package, like 100% paid for healthcare for you and your family. We’ve got you covered.




Henry’s Favorites

  1. Favorite Part as Shop Foreman: “I enjoy the opportunity to mentor our technicians and help them succeed.”

  3. Favorite Audi Model: “The Audi R8 is my go-to car.”

  5. Favorite Part of Audi Service LA: “The space is just awesome! Plus, the coffee bar is on point!”

Service Tip

“If you have any questions – big or small – about your Audi, talk with me (the shop foreman). I am here to help fix your Audi and fix it right the first time.”

Outside of Work

When Henry is not busy assisting guests for their Audi service needs, he is with his baby. He shares, “It’s all about my baby! The terrible twos are in full swing right now.”

Message To Our Guests

“You are always welcome and please feel free to reach out to me.”

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